Our Mission

Connect, Share, Grow.

The Box Gathering is here to build a real, grounded community for boxers, coaches, and the parents who have their backs. We’re here to provide you with the educational platform and connections to help you develop the real skills you need in the sport.

We believe in learning the right way, connecting with the right people, and sharing what we know. ‘Connect, Share, Grow’ is our way of saying let’s get better together, push each other, and make the sport we love even greater. Because getting better at boxing, means getting better at life, and we’re here to throw our weight behind anyone ready to step up.

Meet The TEAM
Adam Haniver
  • England Boxing Coach Educator
  • IBA 2* Star Coach
  • Sport Scientist
  • Qualified Teacher
Phill Richardson
  • Boxing & Kickboxing Coach
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Ultramarathon Runner
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
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We are encouraged to keep going by those who don’t stop.


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