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Boxing Basics

A basic introduction to a few key aspects of the sport. Getting started with boxing? Learn what you need in your kit bag, how to behave in the gym, and check out our list of boxing videos to know your sport.

Tracking Progress

Tracking your progress can help make your boxing education more effective and ensure their are no gaps left in your development. These forms include skill matrices of necessary boxing skills, training and running logs, and tips for keeping a boxing diary.

Diet and Nutrition

Fuelling your body and maintaining a healthy weight is key to your success as an amateur boxer. The handbook contains tips on good sources of fats and protein, healthy food swaps so you can still enjoy your meals, and tips on hydration and weight management.

Training and Recovery

Your boxing coach is the most important person in your technical development. But as you progress in the sport, you’ll also be expected to do your own training outside the gym. Learn more about flexibility and mobility, speed and power, cardiovascular fitness and building muscle in this handbook.

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